The Rick Smith Show for 5-19-2017

May 19, 2017

Sarah Kendzior, Political Writer and commentator joins Rick to share her thoughts on the rollercoaster news week that has felt like a year and what all of the Russia, Trump, Flynn, Comey mess means going forward.

Pennsylvania Congressman Brendan Boyle, Co-Chair Blue Collar Caucus joins Rick to discuss the testimony of Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein on his involvement in President Trump’s firing FBI Director Comey and to explain how even with all of the distractions Republicans are moving their anti-worker policies.

Matías Vernengo, Professor of Economics at Bucknell University joins Rick to explain how Donald Trump did not discover “Priming the Pump” and why most of the Trump policies are actually antithetical to the Keynesian philosophy designed to jump start the economy.

Isaiah J. Poole, Communications Director with People’s Action and the People’s Action Institute joins Rick to review the week that was and to talk about the upcoming People’s Summit in Chicago on June 9-11, 2017 to get people active and engage with a clear agenda to fight for an economy and government that works for all.


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