The Rick Smith Show for 5-16-2017

May 16, 2017

Drew Gibson, founder and managing editor of Virally Supressed joins Rick to discuss how the constant Trump scandal has overshadowed real needs in society and to highlight how the opioid crisis is being made worse by the Trump administration’s Department of Justice as Attorney General Jeff Sessions is pushing to revive the War on Drugs and for-profit private prisons.

Andrea Chalupa, Journalist & Author, Orwell and The Refugees: The Untold Story of Animal Farm joins Rick to talk about the most recent insanity emanating from the White House and what American’s need to be doing to defend democracy, the constitution, and the future of the American Dream.  It’s time to get in the streets and June 3, 2017 people are doing just that, and you can too but joining the #MarchforTruth

Tom Trotter, legislative affairs representative for the AFL-CIO joins Rick to discuss #infrastructureweek and the #TimeToBuild with #SkilledCraftworkers and get the economy moving.  Infrastructure jobs are good, family sustaining wage jobs that can move the nation forward and leave our children with a future that is not crumbling around them.


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