The Rick Smith Show for 4-4-2017

April 4, 2017

David Yankovich, Political Commentator and #FearNothing founder joins Rick to discuss how the pressure of citizens rising together caused the Democratic members of the US Senate to stand up and filibuster Trump’s nominee for SCOTUS and explain what #TheResistance needs to do moving forward.

Scott Dworkin, Co-Founder of @TheDemCoalition Dems Against Trump joins Rick to explain the ins and outs of why #RussiaGate is the issue of our time and to discuss what needs to be done to save of nation.

Christine Pellegrino, New York public school teacher and candidate for the 9th District seat in the May 23 Special Election for the New York State General Assembly joins Rick to explain why she has been called to throw her hat in the ring and discuss her policies and vision.


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