The Rick Smith Show

The Rick Smith Show 9-10-2018

September 11, 2018

Jordan Barab, @jbarab Assumption of risk: The worker knows there's a risk involved and assumes the risk himself; the employer is not responsible.

Author of Confined Space: Newsletter of Workplace Health & Safety & Labor Issues and Former OSHA Deputy Asst Secretary from 2009 – 2017

Bob Ney @bobney @talkmedianews Maxine Waters and I dealt extensively with FEMA. There are holes in the system, but they can't be fixed without more money.

Propane Jane @docrocktex26 Trump is cognitively, psychologically unfit to be President.

Christopher Stroop @C_Stroop The donors and parents who are paying tuitions are asking schools that used to be a little more open to become more strict.

Creator of the #EmptyThePews hash tag and outspoken advocate for awareness of the evangelical communities practices.

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