The Rick Smith Show

The Rick Smith Show 8-27-2018

August 28, 2018

Khary Penebaker, @kharyp @PPAWI @Everytown, "We're raising a generation of kids who are enveloped in trauma. They're always wondering, "Am I next?" That should be a crime."

Bob Ney @BobNey @TalkMediaNews "The Democrats have realized that what used to be an anchor around their necks is now an anchor around Republicans' necks: Healthcare."

Propane Jane @docrocktex26, "These snafu moments (like Trump not being able to use speakerphone) that we never saw from Obama we need to see from Trump because it shows Trump's instability." #InstabilityInChief

J. David Cox @JDavidCoxSr @AFGENational, "Veterans would receive care if the 49,000 vacancies in the VA were filled." #1u

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