The Rick Smith Show 7-10-2018

July 10, 2018

Kevin Mack, lead strategist Need To Impeach joins Rick to share his thoughts on the justice being nominated to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy and explain what the pros and cons to their confirmation will be going forward.

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Sarah Kendzior, author of NYT bestselling book "The View From Flyover Country" and co-host of Gaslit Nation joins Rick to share her rage of children being ripped from their parents arms, Alan Dershowitz whining about being shunned on Martha’s Vineyard, Trump’s SCOTUS pick, Trump’s pedophile friends, and more.


Renato Mariotti, Former federal prosecutor and former IL Attorney General candidate joins Rick to give his expert legal opinion on Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, what the future of the court looks like, what precedent is on the chopping block, and what the path to confirmation looks like for the nominee.

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