The Rick Smith Show for 3-20-2017

March 20, 2017

Propane Jane is back as she joins Rick to examine the most recent public temper tantrum by the President of the United States as he refused to shake hands with the leader of Germany, what this type of behavior means for the world, and how to address these tantrums when a nap, ice cream and jello, and a diaper change just isn’t enough.

Ronald Baker, Strategic Campaign Coordinator for the BCTGM International Union joins Rick to discuss the upcoming one year anniversary of hundreds of workers being kicked to the curb in Chicago as global food conglomerate Mondelēz International moved their plant to Mexico, and with the plant the iconic Oreo cookie, and what his union is doing to stand up to this Goliath.

Craig Harrington, Director of the Economic Policy Program at Media Matters for America joins Rick to talk Russia, Russia, Russia as the US House of Representative holds a hearing into Russian involvement into the November election and whether or not the Trump campaign may have colluded or coordinated with the Russians.


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