The Rick Smith Show 8-3-2017

August 3, 2017

Scott Klinger, GASB Statement No. 77 Activation Coordinator at Good Jobs First joins Rick to discuss the $3 billion handout to Foxconn by the state of Wisconsin to lure a manufacturing plant to the state and ask the simple questions, “Is it worth it?”


Carl Spoerer, Democratic candidate for Illinois’ 15th Congressional district joins Rick to explain why he has thrown his hat into shark infested waters and decided to run for congress and to discuss his policy ideas and platform.

Harry Stein, Director of Fiscal Policy at the Center for American Progress joins Rick to dive into the exciting world of taxes, tax deform, and redistribution of wealth from working people to Wall Street gamblers under the guise of it will “trickle” back down to us…..eventually……but when?    Never, that’s when.


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