The Rick Smith Show 8-2-2017

August 2, 2017

John Fetterman, Mayor of Braddock, Pennsylvania and former US Senate candidate joins Rick to discuss the Stay of Execution for millions of Americans as the GOP failed to finish off Obamacare and to talk about rumors of a possible bipartisan solution to improving the Affordable Care Act and what that would mean for poverty communities.

Martin Wallace, Executive Director of the American Democracy Network joins Rick to discuss the Where We Draw The Line campaign as President Trump and right wing rhetoric heats up around the thought of firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller and explain why the search for the truth about possible ties or collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian government is vitally important for the future of the nation.

Mark Price, Labor Economist at the Keystone Research Center joins Rick to delve into the super sexy erotic world of tax policy by explaining what the Republican ideology has been over the years and how more of the same failed ideological schemes are not going to move the nation forward or help workers get ahead as the GOP promised.


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