The Rick Smith Show 7-14-2017

July 14, 2017

Timothy Karr, Senior Director of Strategy Free Press and Free Press Action Fund joins Rick to discuss the historic day of action for Net Neutrality that saw more than 2 million comments to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) defending a free and open internet and to explain why leaving the Net Neutrality rules in place is vital for small business, the economy, and democracy


Adam Parkhomenko, Former aide to @HillaryClinton and Ready for Hillary founder joins Rick to discuss the recent revelations surrounding the Trump campaign’s ties to the Russian government and hackers and to answer the simple question, “Would anyone take a meeting with a Russian spy to get dirt on a political opponent?”

Isaiah J. Poole, Communications Director with People’s Action and the People’s Action Institute joins Rick to examine the latest Republican health care plan to find its way out of the backroom of the GOP led senate and to discuss what this third attempt will mean for Americans.


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