The Rick Smith Show for 1-20-2017
Jan 20th,2017

Today begins what many believe is the official end of the America we grew up believing in.  Are we heading toward American style Fascist rule where corporate America is pulling all the strings and reaping all the reward while workers toil and struggle?  Are we heading toward an even more militaristic state of affairs as the President-elect wants military parades marching through our streets to show our power?  SO many uncertainties! SO many concerns!  Join us as we begin #TheResistance as we #FearNothing

Propane Jane, Seeker of Truth, Purveyor of Light, and now Rick Smith Show guest joins Rick to talk about the many and varied mental health problems she sees as a doctor in soon to be President Donald Trump, what these problems could mean for the country, if they can be helped, and what we need to be doing either way.

Matthew Chapman, Political Commentator and Activist joins Rick to share his thoughts on the inauguration of Donald J. Trump and lays out his action plan calling on citizens to organize and stand up in the face of what’s to come.

Sarah Kendzior, Writer on politics, economy, and media, Author of “The View From Flyover Country: Essays by Sarah Kendzior” joins Rick to talk Inauguration day realities of a President Trump and what citizens need to do in the post 1-20 world to fight against what many anticipate as the rise of American style fascist rule.

David Yankovich, Veteran, Writer, Activist, and Founder of #FearNothing joins Rick to talk about the upcoming Trump Horror Show and to share his thoughts on what Patriotic Americans need to be doing from this day forward to standup against the numerous attacks on our Constitution and our rights as Americans.  #FearNothing #TheResistance